Friday, August 12, 2011

Whisker Wars Reality Show and Beard Team USA

The producer of "Deadliest Catch" ("Ax Men", "Ice Road Truckers", "Storage Wars" and more) has created a new seven-episode reality show based on one of our favorite things: facial hair!

The new series is called "Whisker Wars" and airs on IFC on Fridays. The pilot episode features our friend Beard Team USA Captain Phil Olsen and Beard Team USA in the USA National Beard and Mustache Championship, as well as their entry into the 2011 World Beard and Mustache Championship in a future episode.

Over on the Whisker Wars site you can "Beard Yourself", which explains the frightening picture of myself in this post. Let's face it, chicks just can't do facial hair justice the way you sexy men-beasts can. ;-)

The Whisker Wars website also has an IFC locator, so you can find the channel for it in your area.

Please be sure to send congrats to Beard Team USA for their great job at the championships and their appearance on "Whisker Wars".

If you are in the show or have your photo posted on their site (they are running a contest-you can win a $500 gift certificate plus swag), please let me know. I'd be honored to throw some Greek Goddess love your way with votes, links and posts.
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