Monday, August 25, 2008

Shave Gel and Cream Reviews

A safety razor, shaving brush, and mug with sh...Image via Wikipedia I have found a great men's grooming site that has product reviews on it. It is at Daniel Billet, the Men’s Fashion and Grooming Guide, has posted a list of the top six shaving cream/gels based upon his own review of each.

Top 6 Men’s Shave Gels and Creams

As always, I welcome your feedback and your reviews. Want me to find reviews for a (men’s facial hair related) product you have heard about? Send me a note and I will track down information and reviews to post here.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

American Mustache Institute - 'Stache Bash 2008

The American Mustache Institute has released a video detailing this year's 'Stache Bash.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

More information about the American Mustache Institute may be found on their website:
The American Mustache Institute

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Men's Facial Hair Interactive Crossword Puzzle

I found an interactive crossword puzzle online and discovered that anyone can create and host them free. I decided to try it out here. Trouble is, I can't seem to get it loaded here, so I have to give you a link, instead. I hope it works there. Please let me know either way. For some reason the instructions are not appearing at the link. Here they are:

Click on the blank spaces to get the clue for that word.
Click on solve to have the answer filled in - click on check puzzle to have your answers checked.
If you have entered an incorrect answer, delete the incorrect answer in the popup box, and then simply enter the correct answer, or enter the appropriate number of 'spaces'. This will blank out the answer in the puzzle.

Men's Facial Hair Interactive Crossword

I was hoping this would be a fun new feature for this blog, but unless I can find a way to make it display correctly here, it won't be.
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Mustache Mania in L.A.

A photo gallery has sprung up online featuring some mustaches seen around Los Angeles, California.

Club Style: mustache mania

Friday, August 8, 2008

Free Mustache on Craigslist

Horseshoe mustache.Image via WikipediaA witty ad on craigslist is catching some attention. The offering? A free mustache made from the shorn locks of the ad-runner's girlfriend's father.

To read the ad and view the pictures, CLICK HERE.

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GoateeSaver Helps Save Your Goatee Shape Shave After Shave

I stumbled across this review of a new product for men with goatees:

GoateeSaver Ensures Your Goatee Looks as Good as a Goatee is Ever Going to Look, Which is to Say Not That Good

The GoateeSaver website has a ton of information about the adjustable grooming product, including an informative video demo. The GoateeSaver is offered at the website for $19.99.

What do YOU think about the GoateeSaver?
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sting's Wife Proudly Proclaims Benefit of His Beard

Concert de Image via WikipediaOne of my favorite musical artists, Sting, has been sporting a beard as of late. Though critics thought he should shave it before his final concert appearance, his wife and he chimed in about their thoughts in this interview:


The article did not use a photo of him sporting said beard, but I found one elsewhere:

Sting's Beard - Photo

In the photo, the beard looks a little ragged, but other than that, I thought it looked good on him.

For many women, what his wife said is very true, gentlemen.
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Mustache Shaving Really is Torture

Municipality of Beijing/PekingImage via WikipediaSome interesting news from around the world has been coming out lately in regards to mustaches.

In Beijing, Chinese officials have created booklets with rules for grooming, dress, and conduct during the Olympics for its citizens. One of the rules is that every male must shave every day. They are not to be in public unshaven.

China re-educates pyjama rebels by Jane Macartney

Multiple reports have come out about members of Hamas who captured a Fatah operative and shaved off his mustache as part of their torture and humiliation process.

Fight between Hamas-Fatah spreads to upper lips in mustache war by Khaled Abu Toameh

In the United States, Stephen Colbert has suggested that Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain grow a mustache because "mustache equals success".

Stephen Colbert Urges John McCain to Grow a Mustache by TheInDecider

And, over on a mustang forum, a civilian employee of the DoD complained that because someone drew a mustache on a photo of Senator Barack Obama, the entire company had to sit through special training.

Mustang Forum

It seems mustaches are creating news everywhere they go. lol.

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Let Disney Pay You For Your Facial Hair

cover of the 1898 editionImage via WikipediaDisney is hiring males with facial hair to be extras in an upcoming movie. Read all about it HERE. If the rumor about it being for Alice in Wonderland is true, I am thinking some of the extras would be the card soldiers.

If you apply for and/or land the gig as an extra for them, please let us know! We would love to know about your experience. Please be sure to submit a pic of you and your winning facial hair, too!
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