Monday, November 26, 2007

Facial Hair Wigs - Let the Fun Begin

In October I did a post about the fake facial hair craze in Japan. Today I present information about a company right here in the USA that offers a wide selection of male wigs, beards, and mustaches. I do so because I find their website so entertaining.

The site itself is interesting for several reasons, the first being that they utilize a computer-generated greeter on the home page. You know those annoying ads you run across online for a talking avatar thing? It instructs you to type anything in the box and the avatar will say it? Well, International Wig uses that technology, and seeing it actually in use versus just a typed sample, is pretty impressive.

The fake hair they offer ranges from really simple and nice looking to the really bizarre. One more reason it is worth the time to peruse the site - you just won't believe some of what you will see.

Then, the piece de resistance - the cyber wig try on section which allows you to upload a picture of yourself and then 'try on' some of their wigs. I couldn't get it to work when I tried to upload a picture of myself, and it doesn't let you play with the facial hair 'wigs'. But, my system is buggy, so for you it may work. There is a male and a female face in the tool which allows you to 'try on' various wigs the company offers.

On the topic of wigs, generally, here is a clip from the Letterman Show that is just too funny not to share:

Video from Youtube user gazooblebork

The video brings up a point that needs to be made: fake hair of any type is fine if it makes the wearer feel better and look better. But some fake hair just really is best done without.

This begs the question: if you don't have facial hair, for whatever reason, and your significant other wished you did, would you get some fake facial hair to wear for them?

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