Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Celebrity Beard News

Description: Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and George ...Image via WikipediaStrange but true: celebrity beards are making the news!

First up, we have the hotly debated facial hair of Prince William. Those against the prince having whiskers can now breathe easy: returning from his Christmas break, his face was once again clean-shaven.

Next, we have the Pitt Goatee. Yes, the gossip has gone from pregnancy and Jenn/Angie wars to Brad’s facial hair.

Sir Tom Jones joined the likes of Hank Williams, Jr by using facial hair to cover scars, proving that facial hair is about more than an aversion to razors and shaving.

Several months ago, Sting’s gray beard was all over the news, including quotes about how much his wife enjoys his furry face. Some fans complained that the gray aged him, and now the news world is abuzz with talk of his newly dyed non-gray beard.

Speaking of singers and gray beards, Kanye West was none-too-happy when the February cover of US magazine featured a photo of him with a graying beard.

Finally, we have gossip magnet Spencer Pratt. Since his marriage to Heidi Montag one thing has changed for sure: he now is sporting a beard, apparently in a flesh-tone color (Though, it doesn’t look flesh-tone to me in photos).

Will all this buzz about beards begin a new trend in facial hair? Will facial hair become more acceptable in the work place, and will President Elect Obama suggest bailout funds for those, like himself, who cannot grow facial hair? We at the Greek Goddess of Men's Facial Hair certainly hope America and the world will come to embrace the furry face.


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