Friday, August 1, 2008

Mustache Shaving Really is Torture

Municipality of Beijing/PekingImage via WikipediaSome interesting news from around the world has been coming out lately in regards to mustaches.

In Beijing, Chinese officials have created booklets with rules for grooming, dress, and conduct during the Olympics for its citizens. One of the rules is that every male must shave every day. They are not to be in public unshaven.

China re-educates pyjama rebels by Jane Macartney

Multiple reports have come out about members of Hamas who captured a Fatah operative and shaved off his mustache as part of their torture and humiliation process.

Fight between Hamas-Fatah spreads to upper lips in mustache war by Khaled Abu Toameh

In the United States, Stephen Colbert has suggested that Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain grow a mustache because "mustache equals success".

Stephen Colbert Urges John McCain to Grow a Mustache by TheInDecider

And, over on a mustang forum, a civilian employee of the DoD complained that because someone drew a mustache on a photo of Senator Barack Obama, the entire company had to sit through special training.

Mustang Forum

It seems mustaches are creating news everywhere they go. lol.

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