Saturday, August 9, 2008

Men's Facial Hair Interactive Crossword Puzzle

I found an interactive crossword puzzle online and discovered that anyone can create and host them free. I decided to try it out here. Trouble is, I can't seem to get it loaded here, so I have to give you a link, instead. I hope it works there. Please let me know either way. For some reason the instructions are not appearing at the link. Here they are:

Click on the blank spaces to get the clue for that word.
Click on solve to have the answer filled in - click on check puzzle to have your answers checked.
If you have entered an incorrect answer, delete the incorrect answer in the popup box, and then simply enter the correct answer, or enter the appropriate number of 'spaces'. This will blank out the answer in the puzzle.

Men's Facial Hair Interactive Crossword

I was hoping this would be a fun new feature for this blog, but unless I can find a way to make it display correctly here, it won't be.
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