Friday, October 12, 2007

The Dreaded "DYE IT"

Photo by Chance Agrella
Yeah, Yeah, I have once again subjected you to another of my cheesy word plays. *LAUGH* My point with this particular one is that just as many dread 'diets', there are many men around me who fuss and fret over the 'dye it' option for the gray sprouting in their facial hair.

Some even opt to shave it all off rather than face the gray or use dye. *GASP*

Now, personally, I have yet to see a man with facial hair that has a little or a lot of gray in it that is NOT downright sexy; but its your face . . . and I understand not wanting to 'go gray' before your time.

In talking to some of these gentlemen, I was informed that their experiences with facial hair dye kits has not been positive. For those with fast-growing facial hair, the dye process must be repeated every 2-3 days, and they just don't have the kind of time and patience to deal with it.

So, first, I would like to get YOUR input as to what dye or coloring products work best (easy to do and long lasting).

Secondly, I am posting some links here to a few facial hair dye products, tip, and tricks. Please give your feedback about your experiences with these, as well.

Just for Men Facial Hair Dye Info

Get a FREE box of Just for Men Facial Hair Dye HERE

How to Color Facial Hair

Will dye make my facial hair appear denser/thicker?

Color your facial hair the way the professionals do

Hypoallergenic beard dye

Clairol Men's Choice Product line

Grecian 5 products

A variety of facial hair dye kits from

A 'dye-free' coloring tip from
"Coloring the beard...
In some cases coloring the beard may be appropriate to cover gray spots or a lighter shade to keep the color uniformed. Beard hair is very resistant to hair dye especially as it grays. Adding color without using hair dye can be done by using a eye brow pencil applied with a make-up brush. The advantage is that it can be removed with shampoo and applied only when you want to cover gray or darken the edge to accent its shape."

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