Monday, October 8, 2007

Soften Up, Guys!

Photo by Robert Knight
It is no secret that I am crazy about men's facial hair and I enjoy it being lightly rubbed against my face and neck. I don't find it to be scratchy, abrasive, or rough at all. Many women complain about that, and also about getting 'raw' around their mouth from kissing a man with facial hair.

Well, admittedly if you indulge in a nice long makeout session, whether the man has facial hair or not, you can still end up a little pink and tender around your mouth area. However, I have not found men's facial hair to be the culprit: rather it all depends on the style of kissing you are indulging in. A man with scruff, which is the roughest form of all facial hair, can get in some pretty sweet kissing and not leave a woman's sensitive mouth area sore.

It's all in the technique. Practice, practice, practice.  *grin*

I also know some gentlemen who feel their facial hair is 'too rough' and say they would grow and keep it if it were softer.

Not one to pass up a good challenge, and always on the lookout for ways to convert the world to the pleasures and sexiness of men with facial hair, I present to you now a few tips on how to soften up that facial hair. (so no more excuses . . .get it growing, gents!)

1- Shampoo and Conditioner. That's right. When you are washing your hair, use a tiny amount of shampoo AND conditioner on your facial hair, too. One friend with a very sexy and purportedly ultra soft full beard (he has yet to face rub me . . .sheesh . . .what is wrong with this picture?) swears by Pert Plus. I would try whatever shampoo and conditioner you already use and see how that works after a couple of weeks. If the results are not what you hoped for, then I would experiment with other products.

2- Length. Yup, the length of your facial hair can play an important part in how soft it feels to the touch. Some hair is more coarse and will need to be a tad longer in order to feel soft. It may only take a fraction of an inch (or centimeter) to make a difference. Play around with the length to determine the look and feel you like best.

3-Grooming. The angle of the trim can affect the feel of your facial hair. Remember to keep your facial hair regularly combed, as well. Both of these issues can add to or take away from the softness of your facial hair.

How your facial hair feels against your rough manly hand may be very different from how it feels up close and personal against a woman's skin, so be sure to have a lovely lady of your choice help you find the right level of softness for your facial hair.

I'm always ready, willing, and able to help out, too.

What things have you done to make your facial hair softer or less 'irritating' to women?

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