Sunday, December 16, 2007

Growing and Shaping a Beard

Photo by Chance Agrella
If you have ever seen reports about beard growing contests, then you are probably also familiar with the amazing shapes that have been created. They are creative, and pure art.

But what about growing a more standard beard? There is a certain amount of creativity involved in not only picking the right beard shape for your face, but compensating for any problems you come across along the way such as spots that won't grow hair.

One great source about the basics for growing and shaping a beard are here at All About Beards by Beardguy.

And, for those who have the time and ambition to tackle growing a more artistic beard, here is a link to a great source of beard-growing contest information, including some amazing photos: World Beard and Mustache Championships.

The question of the day is this:
If you were going to grow an artistic beard for a contest, what design or shape would you strive for?

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