Monday, June 30, 2008

Scientific Fact: Men with Facial Hair are Best

Photo © Chance Agrella
An interesting study was done that has results that support what I have claimed for a long time. In an article titled “Women Prefer Men with Stubble for Love, Sex, and Marriage” by Roger Dobson, some interesting details about the study are revealed.

Faces of men with various stages of facial hair growth were shown to women who were then asked to rate them in terms of their perceived masculinity, potential as a long term partner, and social maturity, among other things.

The men who got the highest ratings were those who had light stubble. Clean-shaven men got the lowest ratings. The study was conducted with Brits, and the researchers plan to expand the study to include other countries as well.

I wonder how I can participate? Bearded men will definitely get higher marks with me than stubbly men, which leaves me wondering if in America I would be the exception or the rule?

So, as I have always said, men with facial hair are ultra sexy and desirable – and this study from England just proved it!

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