Thursday, July 31, 2008

Etsy Mustaches: On a Stick, On a Handkerchief, on a Light Switch and More!

MoustacheImage via WikipediaI found some fun and zany items on Etsy from a wide variety of artists/sellers for those who wish they had a cool mustache, but don't. Click on the links below to check out these fun tributes to mustaches.

Mustache on a Stick [sorry, this one sold out]

Mustache Handkerchief

Mustache Light Switch Plate

Mustache Pendant on a Chain

Mustache T-Shirts

Mustache Cat Toy with Catnip

Mustache Man Mug (leftie)

Killed in a Dream Mustache T-Shirt

Timothy Grows His (Strawberry Ice-cream) Mustache Painting

Small Mustache Pin

Felt Mustache Kit (3 'staches)

Mustache Book

Can you believe these are only a FEW of the mustache-related items on ETSY?

To see more
Click HERE
Go to ETSY and SEARCH in "All items" for "Mustache".

NOTE: There is an advantage to posting such a list as this one. The Greek Goddess has a birthday coming up in 3 days! LOL
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