Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Milk Mustache - Ladies and Superheroes Sport 'Staches

I have always loved the milk mustache ads. This is one of the few ways respectable ladies can sport a 'stache - and be cool at the same time.

The latest milk mustache celeb is a lady - Country singer Trisha Yearwood.
Many other famous ladies have sported the milk mustache, as well.

Even my fantasy man, BATMAN has proved he really can be more sexy by sporting a 'stache - of the milk persuasion.

View more milk mustache images HERE.

I wonder who among my friends won the pool for how long it would take me to find a way to tie Batman in with this blog? lol.

The milk mustache ads are not where the campaign for milk stops. To find out more about the drink milk campaign, click HERE.

More milk resources HERE.

Did you know that Vitamins A and B-12 along with Biotin help hair growth? If you want to improve your facial hair, these nutrients in the proper amounts can help, and all of these nutrients are found in milk.

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